Budweiser UK has vowed to donate at least £1m to British pubs through its new ‘Save Pub Life’ scheme, intended to support the sector during the coronavirus closure period.

The group is inviting consumers to buy a gift card for their favourite pub, and in response Budweiser will match the amount and inject an immediate cash donation into the nominated site.

“Your pub needs help. Here’s our proposal: Beer for you, double the money for your pub,” it said in a post on social media.

“When you buy a gift card for your favourite pub, we’ll match the amount and donate the cash now, when pubs need it most. You can enjoy your drink later. We are aiming to funnel at least £1 million into pubs during this uncertain time, because our great pubs and everyone behind them need our help.”

The brand is inviting people to find or nominate their local pub at www.savepublife.com.