Yummy Pub Company has raised £15,000 so far through its Random Acts of Kindness campaign.

The campaign has so far seen the Yummy team going on a sailing adventure, making sandwiches for the homeless and rewarding an extraordinary random act of kindness by an employee at Morrisons in Basingstoke.

Co-owner, Anthony Pender, said: “RAOK365 is just the beginning and it’s been bloody amazing so far. We want to involve all our loons - as they’re known in the Yummy family - and soon enough, hopefully every single person in the UK. I’ve gotten in on the fun myself and got to play pirate this weekend as I embarked on a sailing trip during the Interbrewery Regatta alongside the directors from Yummy and team members from CPL training. The public’s support was incredible and we raised an incredible £15,000.”

To take part in the campaign tweet @yummypubco #RAOK or email allie@yummypubs.co.uk