Whitbread, has announced that 1,378 employees are to share in a £10m windfall, thanks to its Sharesave scheme.

The company said that employees who saved in the five-year scheme stand to quadruple their original investment, whilst those with the three-year option will almost triple theirs.

The option price for those in the three-year scheme is set at 1339p and for those in the five-year scheme it is 1008p. With the share price now trading at around £49.90 on 2 February 2015 (the maturity date), anyone who have saved the maximum of £250 per month stand to enjoy around £61,000 profit on the five-year scheme and around £24,000 profit on the three-year scheme.

In total there were 1,295 participants in the three-year scheme saving an average of £70.75 per month and receiving, on average, over £6,000 profit each. There were 122 people in the five-year scheme, with average monthly savings of £48.78 equating to average profit in excess of £12,000 each.

Andy Harrison, Whitbread chief executive, said: “I’m really delighted for those Whitbread team members who stand to make a significant profit on the back of a sharp rise in our share price over the past few years. Our team members work tremendously hard delivering everyday outstanding service to our millions of customers and it’s great that they can personally share in the company’s success in this way.”