Stonegate Pub Company is adding pulled pork, beer and Bourbon and piri piri chicken with chilli slaw to the new menu for its 69-strong local pubs arm.

They are among the items in its new menu that will incorporate new style burgers, sharing dishes and giant grill plates.

The pubs’ low calorie meal section, which features dishes under 500 calories, now includes the Broccoli and Brie Pasta Shells. Three winter desserts have been added: black forest and brownie cheesecake; red cherry waffle; and sticky toffee sundae, all available at two for the price of one. 

Stonegate has given an “All Day Every Day” promise under the new menu.

Locals marketing manager Claire Tanner-Stacey said: “At the same times as introducing these new dishes, which add something new and unique to the menu, we are pledging fantastic all day every day promises to our customers. These promises are that we will offer a selection of some of our customers favourite dishes as two meals for a great value fixed price.

“For our sites that offer sport we will deliver the best viewing in the town through our Sky and BT Sport packages; we will serve draught beer, perfectly; we will offer great quality house wine, and finally, we will price our bottled beer at two for a fixed amount, giving guaranteed savings.”