Stonegate Pub Company has announced support within its leased and tenanted business, Ei Publican Partnerships.

The additional support includes rent credits of 90% for rent, tie release fees and fixtures and fittings rental charges for all tied publicans operating substantive agreements in England, during the four-week lockdown period.

This financial support has created an overall package from the company worth in excess of £42.5m.

Nick Light, managing director of Ei Publican Partnerships, said: “We continue to stand by our publicans, and we are taking the responsibility of supporting our businesses very seriously as the trading landscape continues to change. Once again, the hospitality industry is being told to bear the financial brunt of further regulations in the Government’s response to covid-19.”

Stonegate has suspended its annual price review meaning that publicans continue to operate on tied supply prices that were last increased in April 2019. It has also extended various promotions to its tied tenants on selected products for Halloween and the run up to Christmas.