Giles Fry, the co –founder of Snug Bars, has told M&C Report he plans to launch new sites with an initial pop-up after the success of the model at the company’s new Ware site.

The company’s seventh site officially opened last but Fry told M&C Report it had been trading as a pop-up since February.

He said: “It is always the challenge when you get a lease that you inevitably have this four to six week window, which in this case ended up being even longer, when you are waiting for planning and the associated council paraphernalia to come through. While you can get some branding on the site to raise people’s awareness it’s quite frustrating when you can’ t actually do anything.

“With Ware we had an existing team that we could retrain so within four days we were up and running with a pop-up. In essence it was still the old pub but we traded it internally as the Snug pop-up with our own limited food menus and cocktail menus.

“It’s certainly a model we would try again if we found a site we could open immediately.”

Fry said the company hoped to add further sites this year and said he was keen to infill in the company’s heartland and venturing into areas such as Essex.