A poll has shown the hospitality sector is still grappling to present itself as a viable career choice, with 24% of people saying they would recommend it as a profession against 34% who wouldn’t.

The survey by CGA Peach found that across all age brackets more people would recommend against a career in hospitality that would support it.

The gap was narrower among 18-24-year-olds but still saw only 33% saying yes as opposed to 37% saying no.

The data also shows those living in city centres (38%) are also much more likely to recommend a career in hospitality than those living in suburban (18%) or rural (20%) areas.

Peter Martin, vice president of CGA Peach, says: “Our BrandTrack research shows that only a third of people recommend hospitality as a place to work, and that is disappointing. But even more are uncertain about it, which along with a generational shift gives pubs and restaurants an opportunity to update people’s attitudes. Hospitality can be a great place for young people to work flexibly and build careers: the challenge for us all is to sell it as such.”