The Peach Pub Company has said that none of its staff will lose their jobs because of the coronavirus.

All Peach employees will be paid in full for the first three weeks of the current pay period (to 5 April), before being put on furlough – and receiving 80% of their salary for the closure period – as of 6 April.

The group has promised to top up the monthly pay of anyone who’s salary is more than the maximum grant cap of £2,500, and to continue to pay both individual pension contributions and those from Peach.

The two exceptions to these measures will be a skeleton team working to support the pubs and Peach directors carrying out statutory obligations, who have all agreed to forgo salary until the pubs reopen.

“Apart from health, we all share huge concern about our jobs and wages in the months ahead and have been doing everything we can as a company to negotiate with our banks, suppliers and landlords so that we can keep the Peach team together and secure the future of the business,” said Hamish Stoddart, Peach managing director.

“Despite having no income at all, we can continue to pay this level of wages by taking advantage of government and bank support and sacrificing director salaries. Our plan is to make it through this period of closure with the goal of keeping the whole business and team intact.”

The group has also set up a Peach Hardship Fund to help any member of its team in need throughout the pandemic and is working in its various communities to supply charities with ready meals and support NHS workers.