Many acts of kindness showing the true spirit of British people, and the hospitality industry surfaced yesterday.

Recognising staff experiencing one of their most exhausting and difficult shifts at Manchester Royal Infirmary, a London businessman Ed Hall created a crowdfunding site because ‘people working shifts after a bombing shouldn’t buy their own drinks.’

Originally appealing for £1,000 by 5pm, the total had exceeded a phenomenal £6,600 by 6pm to be put behind the bar at the adjacent Turing Tap, owned by Stonegate Pub Company who in addition promised to provide free food for the hero staff. At time of writing that figure had exceeded £8,500.

Hall, also a volunteer for a lifeboat crew in London, set up the page, by early evening conversations with the pub extended to paying gratitude to more emergency staff than originally anticipated thanks to the unbelievable generosity of well-wishers across the country.

“I listened to the awful news this morning and thought I’d like to put a few quid behind the bar at a pub near the Manchester Royal Infirmary. I know alcohol isn’t the answer to the stress and trauma that the emergency services have experienced today, but it seems a simple and easy way to say thank you.

“I’m putting £50 behind the bar, any amount you can afford I’ll add it to mine,” wrote Ed.

“We thank our emergency services for the huge efforts following the tragic events last night. Honouring staff from Manchester Royal Infirmary is a great tribute but knowing how many more NHS staff we can now thank is incredible,” said Zoe O’Sullivan from Stonegate Pub Company.

Complimentary teas, coffees, soft drinks and NHS staffs favourite tipple were offered to those who have helped all those affected by the events.

The Just Giving page can be found here