The pub might be “finally be reinventing itself” and moving away from lad culture, Oakman CEO Dermot King has suggested.

The move to table service has made pubs more family-friendly and opened them up to a more discerning customer, King said.

He said the vast majority of pubs in Britain catered to “lads”, with little innovation in their basic design in hundreds of years.

Writing in iNews, he said: “In particular, the sit-down only rules have attracted a new, more discerning, customer type – the family. Being served to the table, rather than at a bar, has led to, in our experience, more families, longer dwell times and higher spends.

“Family decision makers, mostly mums let’s face it, are enjoying family meal occasions without the distraction of the lads standing at the bar. The tension of trying to get served no longer exists and in fact customers are ordering more exotic drinks as there no longer is the frowning lad who has just had to wait because the person in front of them has just ordered a cocktail.

“Furthermore, we have noticed more girlfriend groups enjoying time out together in a more relaxed atmosphere.

“I am not saying that ‘lads’ pubs are no longer profitable or have a place on the high street, its just not where the growth is. The pub might finally be reinventing itself.”