Peter Borg-Neal, chief executive of Oakman Inns, has told M&C Report he is seeking a third site for the Beech House concept and that if it continues to succeed in multiple sites the company could be remodelled around the brand.

Borg-Neal told M&C Report the two exiting Beech Houses, in St Albans and Beaconsfield, have consistently traded well and that the time was right to look for another.

He said: “It’s been a huge success and we want to see how it performs in other locations.

“It gives us a chance to look at properties which wouldn’t be right for the core Oakman estate. It’s a perfect model for areas where we have competition from the big names. We feel confident we can take on the big boys with this brand and we’ve already proved that in St Albans.

“If we get to four and they are still performing at the same level then we may look remodelling the business around it.”