The government is looking at a “mix-and-match” approach to easing lockdown restrictions, with nightclubs not expected to be allowed to reopen “for a while”.

Boris Johnson said the government needed to assess whether “the vaccine rollout . . . has built up enough protection in the population in order to go ahead to the next stage” of easing restrictions.

The prime minister will make a final decision on Monday.

A cabinet minister told the FT officials were “trying to find a solution that pleases the PM’s instincts” to reopen society, noting that allowing a tweak to regulations to allow larger weddings to go ahead would be “easy”, though nightclubs were not expected to open “for a while”.

Any delay to the 21 June date for lifting all restrictions would leave many night-time economy businesses on a “financial cliff edge”, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has warned.

The trade association, which represents 1,200 independent bars, clubs and live music venues across the UK, says any changes to the timeline will leave night-time economy businesses no option but to challenge the government “aggressively”.

It is currently working alongside key partners within different sectors to collectively challenge the government if the decision goes against opening this month.

“Night-time economy businesses have waited patiently for their opportunity to open for over 15 months,” says Michael Kill, CEO of the NTIA. “Many have not survived, some are on a cliff edge; hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost; a huge pool of talent has been swept away and left to suffer extreme financial hardship.

“We should not underestimate the importance of the 21 June to these businesses, employees, entertainers and freelancers, a day when they are given back their freedom to trade, livelihoods, careers, social wellbeing, and the day that the Government gives culture back to the UK.