The Life Goddess is looking to open a new pub-restaurant this year specialising in Cretan cuisine, MCA has learnt.

Founder Nikos Nyfoudis said he was considering an old pub for the new format, and was searching central London as well as neighbourhood areas in North West London.

He said having establishing The Life Goddess as an authentic Greek restaurant and deli group, there were now many other operators doing similar cuisine, and there was now an opportunity to specialise further.

He said the new concept, which he hopes to open by the end of the year, could serve Cretan dishes such as dakos salad, deep fried snails and goat meat.

Nyfoudis said: “When we opened the first restaurant, we were one of the first to offer proper Greek food.

“Now there are about 30 and I think now we can take it a step further and offer something more specific, and even more unique.

“From my experience, Crete is a very popular island for Londoners. I think it will give us a distinction between us and other Greek restaurants. It’s hard to find outside Crete.

“You have to be a bit crazy to do something different, but I’m very confident it will work.”

Nyfoudis said he was interested in taking on a classic English pub and giving it a Cretan twist.

He added: “It will be easy for us to create a Greek feeling in a British pub, with Greek wine and beer, nice food.

“We would keep the original characteristics, though I don’t think the clientele would necessarily stay the same.”