Liberation Cocktails is launching two new bar concepts, both featuring its range of premium cocktails on tap.

The specialist ready-to-drink brand, established in 2020, will launch The Liberation Cocktails & Fizz Bar and The Liberation Cocktail Cruiser, targeted the UK as well as international B2B markets.

The Cocktails & Fizz Bar is a fully autonomous modular bar concept designed for fast-moving venues, while the Cocktail Cruiser is a fully integrated mobile solution.

The launches follow the success of its sister company Frizzenti Fizz! Bar at Grand Central Birmingham, and aims to bring its mixologist-grade lineup to high volume venues where quality and speed of service are essential.

According to the brand: “Serving the perfect cocktail or wine at speed enhances the customer experience, maximises revenue and reduces labour cost without compromising on product quality. Premium quality drinks are served in seconds.”

George Workman, Liberation’s co-founder and managing director, commented: “The Liberation Cocktails & Fizz Bar is the perfect solution for fast-moving venues, such as airports, travel interchanges and leisure destinations. A small, beautifully designed, fully autonomous modular bar concept which requires no mains water or drainage connection, thus offering maximum flexibility.

“Our Cocktail Cruiser is taking cocktails to wherever the action is. A quirky and attention-getting vehicle ideal for any type of event, from corporate and private parties to festivals, weddings, PR launches, to name a few. Currently doing the rounds in London, it’s proving to be a real crowd-pleaser.”