London Cocktails Club (LCC) is lining up two more sites for the early part of 2017, including one outside London, before considering new finance options such as private equity backing, MCA has learnt.

The group, led by JJ Goodman, operates eight sites under the London Cocktail Club brand, as well as a Covent Garden Cocktail Club, the group’s original, and Keystones Cocktail Club in Goodman’s hometown of Worcester.

Goodman told MCA with sales strong and the model working well, there was “fire in our eyes” to open more sites.

He said: “We’re waiting on confirming legals on two sites before summer. One may even be outside of London, which is very exciting!

“Out last two sites have opened really well and trading has been strong. Thirteen strong bars would be ideal, though we’re ready for more.

“We’ll complete the next two sites and we’re reviewing all our options. Barclays have been fantastic so far. Of course venture capital is starting to be discussed. The model’s clearly working so there’s fire in our eyes.”

On overall trading across the estate, Goodman added: “Sales are great with growth across most of the group. Our legacy sites have stayed still for now, as expected. With Brexit coming up and tougher conditions predicted, we’re not taking anything for granted, but it feels good.”