Glasgow's controversial licensing board is set to enforce a new rule that would insist that all areas used by children are completely smoke free, in its latest move to combat smoking in public. Implementation of the rule could in practice mean an outright smoking ban in all but the largest pubs, and could lead pubs to relinquish their children’s certificates rather than place a total embargo on smoking. Currently there are 132 pubs in the city with children’s certificates, which allow them to serve meals to accompanied children, but as even no smoking-areas would not be enough to meet the strict rule this number could fall sharply. Paul Waterson, chief executive of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said: "A total smoking ban would be commercial suicide for most of these pubs. When a similar rule was introduced by the licensing board in Dundee last year, most of the pubs just handed back their children’s certificates." Councillor James Coleman, convener of the community safety and health sub-committee, said: "We can't say to parents it's OK to put their children in an area that is defined simply by a notice. That doesn't stop smoke drifting over to the children from non-smoking areas."