Fuller’s has said government advice to work from home means the pub company will have to lay off “at least” 10% of its staff, around 500 people.

CEO Simon Emeny told the BBC its London pubs had been hit hard by a lock of workers in the city centre.

He also criticised the 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants as “illogical” and “ill-conceived”.

On jobs cuts, Emeny said: “We are doing everything possible to minimise that, but sadly it is inevitable.

“The biggest challenge we have around job losses is in central London, because the current Prime Minister’s announcement last week to discourage people from going back to the office is having a big impact on city centres and in particular Central London.”

He said he and his management team were still working out how many staff will have to be made redundant, “but it will be at least 10%”.

Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he said, “I don’t think he’s had a good few months.”

“There are elements of the Prime Minister’s job that I don’t envy him but I also think there are significant elements where he has made continual mistakes and we have seen the government do U-turns on five or six key decisions,” he said.

“In a business environment, his style of leadership wouldn’t work.”