Fans of American hamburger chain Fuddruckers no longer need suffer withdrawal symptoms caused by beef deprivation, according to its latest marketing concept. The amusingly monikered company has unveiled the Beef Patch, a stick-on skin patch for anyone unable to get down to his or her local Fuddruckers double quick for a tasty, meat treat. On spoof news website, you can find out all about how the patch, manufactured by boffins at Wyoming’s Lancer-Bovinia Laboratories Inc, harnesses "negative-ion dermal delivery" technology and a "multivalent casomorphin pentapeptide" to wrangle your craving for cattle. Supposedly, the American Food and Drug Administration had previously delayed approval, pending the results of animal testing. Lancer-Bovinia labs’ Lawrence Lancer is quoted as saying: "Civil society dictates that we control or moderate powerful, potentially disruptive urges. And the Beef Relief Patch does just that. I view Fuddruckers participation in this as a rare example of farsighted and progressive corporate citizenship." Find out more from