The French union representing nightclubs has voiced fears that nimbyism is killing off late night discos. The UMIH, the French restaurant and hotel union, which also represents nightclubs, has claimed that up to 10% of the country’s nightclubs could go out of business this year. It says that a fall of 25% in profits since 2002 has led to half of the countries 3,400 discotheques going into receivership. The fall in profits has been attributed to a rise in complaints from local residents, forcing clubs to shut at 4am, when traditionally French night clubbers stay out until at least 7am. Aimé Teissier, head of the nightclub branch of the UMIH, said: "Just as the party is at its height, you have to show 500 people the door." Tough government legislation on drink-driving has also been blamed. A zero tolerance approach to those driving over the legal limit of 5g of alcohol per litre of blood has ‘emptied the roads of their usual night-time users,’ Teissier said. "People go to private parties near their homes instead." Teissier is demanding government support of the industry, which employs 66,000 people and generates revenue of Eu110bn (£77.8bn).