Downing LLP, the pub investment vehicle, has parted company with the Burning Night Group amid concerns over the latter’s financial position and overrunning costs at two major sites, MCA has learnt.

The news comes the day after it emerged the Burning Night Group had been placed into administration, with a buyer being sought for its five trading sites.

Burning Night oversaw the development of Potting Shed and Firepit concepts with Downing, supporting trading and operations, under Ormsborough Ltd.

The contract was terminated earlier this year and a Downing-led team has now taken over this venture.

MCA understands one of the sites was at Leeds Trinity, a major development originally penned for a Potting Shed, but which Burning Night hoped to turn into a new super premium concept PS Tiamo.

The other is thought to be the Potting Shed at the Harrogate Royal Baths.

Downing said the overrun was caused by “significant structural issues discovered on site, strict planning conditions being imposed, some increases in the project scope and one of the building contractors going into administration.”

A new management team and board includes John Leslie, formerly of Walkabout, as Chairman.

A Downing spokesperson said: “The appointment of new management and board members by Downing to replace BNG, following the termination of its contract, should help avoid any further disturbance to the business

“None of the funds managed by Downing were invested in BNG, none of Ormsborough’s employees will be impacted by the administration of BNG and we would like to reassure our clients that all steps have been taken to stabilise both operations and the development works.”