Derby Pub Company, the EIS-funded operator, is in negotiations to add four further pubs to its growing estate, M&C understands.

The group, which is backed by Puma EIS, was launched in April 2013 and has so far raised c£6.3m and acquired 10 pubs across the UK, from Weymouth to Leeds and Hastings to Merseyside in five tranches. It is currently in negotiations on four more.

The company is led by Keith Thompson, with LT Pub Management engaged as a trading adviser -advising the fund on which of the pubs they manage should be considered for purchasing.

The group’s pubs range from “real ale houses to fantastic pub dining rooms”.

Puma EIS has funds in three companies: Dunkeld Trading Limited; Sapphire Building Services Limited; and Derby Pub Company.

It said that some £15m capacity remains available across the three, providing “a three-pronged investment strategy of diverse assets: turnkey construction contracts with local authorities; property services; and pubs with freeholds or long leaseholds”.