Deltic chief executive Peter Marks has said that the group will continue to monitor the market before it makes any decision on refinancing, and the process may be put on hold if conditions are not right.

The late-night operator had long intended to refinance in 2017, with an IPO considered an attractive option.

However, Marks told MCA in May that it was impossible to know which would be the best direction following the referendum.

This week he told MCA: “We have seen no change post-Brexit to customer behaviour. We are keeping an eye on the market to see if that is wobbling. If the IPO or the private equity markets go on hold, we will inevitably go on hold with them. If there are deals to be done then we will look at refinancing. But the key thing is that we are in no rush. We don’t need to crash a deal out quickly. Ultimately, the things that will affect our plans are out of our control.”

Marks said trading in recent weeks had been solid with Freshers week performing in line with previous years.

He said the group was now gearing up for Halloween although stressed that there were strong comparatives with last year when Halloween fell on a Saturday.

He said there was an increased focus on Christmas sales this year and that the group was likely to open another Bar & Beyond site in the new year.