Deltic Group chief executive, Peter Marks, has told MCA that he sees opportunities for the company in casual dining and is eyeing several sites.

MCA reported last month that Deltic had secured a new £20m debt facility from HSBC to fund further growth. Marks said this would allow it to target single site acquisitions as well as small groups.

He added: “We are keeping an eye on a few sites that are currently in casual dining, because we think they would suit our Steinbeck & Shaw model. Some of the larger ones would potentially suit Bar & Beyond as well.

“We are certainly not the only people keeping an eye on casual dining but we do see some opportunities there.”

Marks said the group would also consider new-build opportunities but insisted Deltic would not be straying from its core business model of late-night.

He said: “We are happy to go bars but it’s the post 8pm business that is at the heart of what Deltic does.

“That’s not to say we wouldn’t go for a site with some daytime trade – for example we recently took on The Terrace in Exeter, which does a third of its trade in the daytime and through food, but it still has a strong late-night business.”