C2, the north-west based pub operator and brewer, has said it is only interested in freehold properties going forward.

Co-founder Matt Jackson told M&C Report the company was trading very well after a year of restructuring.

The company owns two pubs and two hotels as well as Lancaster Brewery and Jackson said he was in no rush to acquire new sites but would only look at freeholds.

He said: “Me and Phil (Simpson, co-founder) are now in a position and at an age where we want to spend a year enjoying ourselves.

“We are seeing good growth in the existing business. Money is flying in from the hotels.

“There is a lot out there but if we do buy, we will only be in the market for freeholds. The only leasehold we have is the brewery.”

Jackson said it was difficult to specify target numbers, adding: “Our first five year plan was to focus on leasehold pubs. Five years later, what did we have? Freeholds, a hotel and a brewery. So that just shows how good I am at sticking to plans.”

On the secret to success in his businesses, Jackson stressed that having faith in your convictions was key.

He said: “We have always been comfortable with our offer and we’re not afraid to go into a pub and change things. Too many operators are dictated to by regulars when they go into a new place but if you explain your offer clearly and show you are committed to it, they will soon come round.”