Bundobust co-founder Marko Husak has tipped the brand’s forthcoming Manchester site to go against the grain of the existing estate with a more wet-led offering.

Husak said the Oxford Road site, the Indian street food and craft beer concept’s second in Manchester, was a chance to reaffirm Bundobust’s craft beer credentials, with an on-site brewery, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK. 

The Tom Byng-backed brand’s current three sites have maintained a consistent 70/30 food/drink split, but the latest is expected to be an exception to the rule, in the more wet-led area of town.

The brewery idea came about as new contemporary Indian concepts entered the market, and offered a chance to differentiate it against its rivals with on-site theatre, he told MCA.

Husak admitted Bundobust had “lucked out”, by focusing on vegetarian, Indian street food and craft beer when the concept was founded more than five years ago.

He added that having downplayed its vegetarian food offering at the beginning, to avoid putting off prospective meat eaters, now could be the time to emphasise it, as plant-based eating becomes a ever more mainstream.

The new site comes after Bundobust appointed its first operations manager, Andy Dibb, formerly of HIX and East Coast Concepts, allowing founders Husak and Mayer Patel to focus on further expansion.

Husak said: “We thought if we put a brewery in the restaurant it creates a bit of theatre and something different to our existing restaurant in Manchester. People can see where the beer’s being made, and get the smells and the sounds.

“Hopefully with this new site we want to go a bit more wet-lead, with high tables and more vertical drinking, but with the same Bundo menu.”

With the new brewery, Bundobust will look to make a low ABV hoppy English pale ale, an unfiltered ale lager and a stronger IPA, as well as collaborations with local brewers.

Husak added: “We’re not doing a brewery for the sake of it, it’s an investment. We want to hire the best brewer, we want to make the best beer possible using the best ingredients. We want to be the best that we can be.

“Even though we’re only brewing for our own restaurants, it needs to be up there with some of the best beer that’s available in the UK commercially.”