The founders of Edinburgh-based bar group Big Red Teapot have told MCA they see rollout potential in their Treacle concept.

The group – founded by former Montpelier Group managers Martin Luney and Colin Church in 2008 – is opening its fourth site in Edinburgh next month. The Voyage of Buck restaurant and cocktail bar in William Street will feature a monthly-changing menu.

Luney and Church told MCA their visions was centred around “a strong ethos of fresh, made to order food and drink being a common theme across all the venues”. They added: “Food and drink receive equal billing in each location as opposed to being a restaurant serving cocktails, or a bar which has a tributary food menu.

On future outlook, the pair said: “The main focus for Big Red Teapot for the next year will be ensuring the success of The Voyage of Buck. 2016 has released Volume 1 of Buck’s drinks and next year will be Volume 2 which will look at all new cities for inspiration. Beyond The Voyage of Buck, we hope to possibly roll out Treacle as a brand to one or two other key cities in Scotland, although there are no concrete plans as of yet.”