Big Fang Collective will open a new karaoke concept in Liverpool later this month.

The Golf Fang operator is launching Big Fang Karaoke in collaboration with Asahi on Liverpool’s Parliament Street on 29 September.

The venue will be an immersive experience-led socialising destination with a “neon-lit Tokyo city” theme.

It will feature four karaoke rooms, catering for between four and 25 guests, and serve a cocktail menu that pays “homage to iconic synthwave and glitchwave culture.”

The Imbiba-backed experiential group plans to open six more sites before 2025.

Big Fang now owns and operates across six cities in the UK, including Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Imbiba invested £5m last year to help grow the brand, both in the UK and internationally.

The Big Fang Collective team commented: “We’re super excited to be launching our flagship Big Fang Karaoke venue in Liverpool, especially as it’s where Golf Fang first launched back in 2016. Liverpool is known for its rich musical heritage, as the birthplace of iconic artists and a hub of creative innovation.

“Big Fang Karaoke celebrates the era of neon dreams and retro futurism, where the boundaries of technology were pushed & creativity knew no bounds. We’re collaborating with Asahi on the project, whose brand originated in Japan (as did Karaoke itself) so the partnership made complete sense. Asahi is known for its ‘beyond expected’ and ‘futuristic’ outlook, so we harnessed these values, gave them a Big Fang twist and created a concept that we’re all very proud to be part of.”