Sri Lankan casual dining and bar concept The Coconut Tree is working with Fleurets to expand its estate.

The six-strong group is seeking restaurant and bar sites in Birmingham, Exeter and Reading as a priority, as well Brighton, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

It is seeking prime and secondary high street sites, with a minimum midnight premises licence, of 1,750 – 4,000 sq ft.

The brand is looking for A3 or A4 consent or ability to obtain, with a maximum rent £55,000 per anum.

Anna Garrod, brand director, previously told MCA The Coconut Tree was looking to do “authentic mini rollout, with spirit.

She said: “When it comes to sites we are being devilishly cunning, by waiting in the wings, and waiting for sites with big premiums to come back again. If we can’t afford it, we’ll wait.

“We have a good proposition, and hopefully we are attractive to landlords and they see us as a safe bet.”

“We would love to be everywhere, but everywhere authentically. It’s about doing it well, and opening in places that suit our operations geographically.”

The concept was founded by five Sri Lankan friends - Parveen Thangiah, Rashinthe Rodrigo, Danushka Fernando, Tiranjan Fernando and Mithra Fernando, and has two sites in Oxford and Cheltenham.