Manchester, Liverpool and Cambridge have seen the steepest increase in demand for high street commercial property, according to an analysis by property website the Requirement List.

Manchester saw an increase in demand of 120% between 1994 and 2019, making it the most in demand over all outside London, followed by Liverpool (83%) and Cambridge (72%).

Bristol (71%), Brighton (67%), Leeds (52%) and Birmingham (52%) also made the top 10 for most improved demand over the period.

North east towns have suffered some of the worst declines in demand during the same 25-year period, with Stockton on Tees (73%), Sunderland (71%) and Gateshead (67%) seeing substantial decline.

In 1994, Oxford, Birmingham and Chester were the most in-demand, while in 2019 Chester has been replaced by Manchester, with Birmingham and Oxford remaining in the top three outside London.

New entrants, which did not make the top 50 in 1994 but do now, including Guildford, Exeter, Southampton, Worcester, Winchester, Portsmouth and Canterbury.