7Bone co-founder Rich Zammit has stepped down as a director of the dirty burger restaurant concept, MCA understands.

Zammit founded and operated the Kings Park Capital-backed brand jointly with Matt Mollicone, and still retains shares in the business. 

Mollicone, who is now the sole managing director, said it was decided it was in the best interests of the next phase of growth to go forward with one managing director. 

He said the brand had honed its openings delivery programme, having grown from two to nine sites in a 12 months, and would look to open a further three or four in the next 12 months.

Mollicone said the curtailing of rollouts and closing of sites by bigger brands was creating opportunities for 7Bone, though he said the focus would remain on underserved secondary towns.

He told MCA: “We are being patient with our rollout. We expect the general property market to wake up in the new year, and we’re already starting to see deals soften.

“We have really tested our site delivery model and feel more confident about rolling out.

“After seeing the bloodbaths in major cities, due to over saturation and supply, we are still focused on good secondary towns well populated areas that are underserved. It feels like there’s still enough to go out in the south region.

“A lot of operators are curtailing their rollout or closing restaurants, and that’s giving smaller operators an opportunity to go into some of the schemes are wouldn’t have looked at previously.”