St Austell Brewery has put more than 75% of its staff on furlough, protecting all 2,000 jobs.

The company is using the Government’s Job Retention Scheme (JRS) to safeguard jobs, after losing 90% of its income due to the coronavirus pandemic and forced pub closures.

All furloughed employees, regardless of their salary, will continue to receive 80% of their normal pay.

The regional brewer is continuing to supply Tribute, Proper Job, Korev and Bath Ales’ Gem for supermarkets, shops, off-licenses and home delivery.

St Austell CEO Kevin Georgel said: “To have the strongest opportunity to safeguard our business – and employees - for the long-term, we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily move a number of our team into a period of furlough. We’ll continue to keep this under regular review until normal trading resumes and we can all return to work safely. I’m relieved to say – despite the closure of our pubs and the challenges that still lay ahead - we haven’t had to make a single redundancy across the business.”