BrewDog has promoted James Brown to CEO of bars after joining the company seven years ago.

Announcing the news, BrewDog co-founder and CEO James Watt said: “JB has been instrumental to the growth of our bar business since he joined us over 7 years ago and as well as running our bar business overall he has been key to the epic new locations in Vegas and Waterloo. I am excited to work closely with JB to further develop our retail business in 2023 and beyond.”

Also promoted at BrewDog is Lauren Carrol, who becomes chief marketing officer.

Watt said: “Lauren has been outstanding in all the roles she has worked in across our business and contributed massively to everything we have done over the last few years. As our new CMO she has huge potential to positively impact our growth as well as play a very important role in our senior leadership team.”

Meanwhile Tom Reding becomes chief digital officer.

“In over 3 years at BrewDog Tom has excelled in leadership roles across content, E-comm and all things digital. Our digital strategy is vital to our overall ambitions and I am delighted to have Tom lead this part of our business along with his brilliant team,” Watt added.

The BrewDog CEO said their progression was testament to company’s salary cap and philosophy of developing the next generation of leaders internally.

The BrewDog salary cap means no-one can join the business for a salary which is more than seven times what an entry level position is paid. Salaries are capped at a maximum of 14 times the entry level position, increasing by one for each year of service.