There was little reassurance for the hospitality industry at this afternoon’s press conference, although the PM suggested there would be an update on employees by chancellor Rishi Sunak tomorrow.

“I say to business, stand by your workers because we will stand by you,” said Boris Johnson. “And you will hear more about that in the course of the next day or so.

“On decisions about pubs, bars, restaurants, and so on, as I said, we are guided very much by the science and we think that the advice that we’ve given is working. So as long as we think that people are actually staying away from places where they may transmit or pick up the disease, if we feel that that is working, then we just want to say thank you to everybody for those extraordinary efforts and encourage everybody to do likewise.

“If we feel it isn’t working and we need to bring forward tougher measures then of course, nothing is ruled out. But I want to thank everybody for what they’re doing. I know it’s tough. I know it’s difficult, but we’ve just got to do it together and please, please, please follow the advice.

“The chancellor will be saying more tomorrow about the package we are putting in place for workers across the country to support everybody through this difficult time. We’ve been talking to the trade unions, and others today, and we think we have a great package ready to go. So I hope people will stick by the employees because we’re all going to need them.”