Leon is to launch an online delivery service, Feed Britain, offering grocery boxes and ready meals.

The brand will begin trialling the service next week, initially within the M25, before expanding its reach nationwide as early as possible.

The healthy eating brand has already repurposed its restaurants into shops stocking essential groceries and ready meals, with its menus available for takeaway and delivery on Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Leon said FeedNHS, an appeal launched with Damien Lewis, Helene McCrory and Matt Lucas to raise £1m to ensure critical care NHS staff get one fre ehot meal a day, remained its top priority.

The campaign, which has so far riased £600k, is targeting the hardest hit London hospitals, and is working with Imperial College Hospital and UCLH Trusts to delivery 6k meals a day.

An offer of a 50% NHS discount saw 20,000 meals served to hospital workers in the first week.

The business said it was losing money by staying open, but had been inundated with requests and messages of thanks for continuing to serve food.

Last week CEO John Vincent said: “What we want to do is what we’ve always done, and make it easier for people to eat well.

“If we do make a profit, 100% will go to serving the NHS.

“At the end of it I want to know, have I done the right thing.”