Hospitality industry charity Only a Pavement Away has called on the industry for food and catering support.

The organisation, which supports the homeless, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans with jobs in the industry, has launched an appeal for large scale food donations to support its homelessness initiatives.

“If anyone has any food that isn’t going to get used, then please contact me,” said founder Greg Mangham. “We’re looking for immediate support in the form of sandwiches and street food, as well as large scale catering of individual meals, to be distributed to sites across London.”

The call comes after the recent announcement of the charity’s pay gap fund, which is intended to bridge the income gap for its members unable to work during the pandemic.

On top of the member support, the charity has said it will distribute all remaining funds not pledged to its members to other individuals who find themselves struggling or close to destitution as a result of the virus.

The charity is urging those able to pledge food or catering services to email