Zing Zing, which has four sites in London, is exploring a number of sub-brands, such as Bun & Bubble and ZZ Green, as well as others in development and potential acquisitions.

Founder Josh Magidson told MCA by having additional brands served at Zing Zing sites it maximised turnover and throughput at the sites.

On testing new sub-brands such as Bun & Bubble, a hirata steamed bun and bubble tea brand, Magidson said: “We have a few different brands under one roof. Bun & Bubble we are testing how well it works under same unit. It adds an extra level of turnover but doesn’t take much more work to do.

“The potential is definitely there and we have a few other interesting brands we are looking at. Although it’s got to work operationally and from a demand and quality perspective.

“We will probably close one and open a new one before we hit on a real gem.”