Yummy Pub Co, the four-strong pub operator, has reported like-for-like sales were up 15.6% across its sites in February.

Co-founder Tim Foster wrote on the company blog that the Somerstown Coffee House in Euston, North London and The Grove Pub and Inn in Upstreet, near Canterbury, were the front runners, with The Gorringe Park in London Road, Tooting, South London and The Wiremill in Newchapel, near Lingfield, Surrey coming in a close third and fourth respectively.

Foster said: “It was looking like we were going to hit low-to-medium 20 percents until the idiots who run our road infrastructures decided to close the only road to get to The Wiremill for a staggering five days, no less.

“Maybe shutting the road helped us beat Mother’s Day 2013 on a standard Sunday – or maybe it was the lovely weather? Either way, the team, half the size it would have needed to be, worked their socks off and handled the expectations of our customers admirably.”