ShakeTastic, the milkshake, smoothie and juice bar concept, has a growth plan to open 96 sites in 18 countries over the five years, MCA has learnt.

Of this target, around eight a year could be in the UK, with the privately owned business, looking to franchising to achieve the target.

Co-founder and managing director Josh Kettle said he would be happy if ShakeTastic met 50% of this openings target, and he said the business would ramp up its marketing and advertising spend to attract strong franchisees.

The business already has three franchised stores in the Middle East, with two more in the pipeline in Saudi Arabia, as well as sites in Malaysia, Spain, Singapore and Israel.

Kettle said he would look to open two UK pilot sites with franchisees this year under preferential rates, five the following year, and around eight to ten from there. 

He said: “We won’t just open anywhere with anyone, its got to be the right place and the kind of person. We will treat it as if we’re opening another one of our stores.

“There are so many great opportunities and offers, but they’re a little bit too far for us to operate.

“You don’t make a fortune from franchising and the royalties aren’t particular high, but it’s a numbers game. If you’ve got lots of franchises and lots of trickles of royalties you can make some good money

“We are looking to use franchising to reach areas we can’t currently reach. We are looking to grow quickly and cover the map and franchising is a great way of doing it. People earn good money, they’re creating a business they can sell, and they get our support.”

Kettle and co-founder Amir Darabi also operate zTing, a high-end pastry, coffee and tea concept, which has a site in Hamleys in Regent Street, with the possibility of further sites, but no plans for rollout. 

ShakeTastic was recently accepted as a provisional member of the British Franchising Association.

The business is preparing to launch a new website and more simplified menu, which has healthy eating options, fitness and protein shakes, alongside indulgent options.