Serve is to launch a new social entertainment concept in Birmingham this week – centred on ping pong.

Its flagship site will open at Unit 5, 55A Temple Row in the city this Friday, and will offer “a unique immersive ping pong experience” alongside food and cocktails. It will feature 17 ping pong tables and will be open day and night, with DJs to play in the evenings.

Founders David Smith and James Day have already said they are keen to expand the concept, and are in the process of securing space for more venues.

David Smith, managing partner, said: “Ping pong social venues have taken off in the states with a new generation of players enjoying the social side of ping pong in cool bars and clubs.

“The vision was to bring that concept to the UK with a new offering that could provide a relaxed, family friendly environment by day and a hip, nightclub culture by night.

“SERVE is the first venue of its kind outside of London and we’ve had a fantastic response from the people of Birmingham who are clearly very excited about the concept.”