New Scottish plans to limit the discount on bulk sales of alcohol could be brought to England, it has been reported. Kenny MacAskill, Scotland's Justice Minister, recently revealed a range of plans to tackle binge drinking north of the border – including pricing alcohol at 50p per unit. But John Grogan, Labour MP and chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group, believes if the plans are approved in Scotland it is only a matter of time before they come into force in England. “There will be pressure to do something in England because one of the dangers if there is minimum pricing in Scotland is people crossing the border to buy drink. It would be difficult to do in one place and not in the other,” he said. In April the Beer Group organised an open session at the House of Commons to discuss minimum pricing. The MP, who also met with MacAskill to discuss the plans earlier this month, said there is a “potential coalition of interest” between the on-trade, off trade and health lobby pursuing minimum pricing. “The UK government’s next point of reference will be the report on the relationship between the price of alcohol and health which is coming out in July,” he said. MacAskill’s plans would also put the brakes on discounting when people buy booze in bulk.