Police in Romford, London, have reported a 10.5% drop in late-night street crime since banning street drinking in the area. The trial has been running for four weeks, with police able to confiscate alcohol they believe will be consumed in the town's centre. Andrew Mann, a member of the local council, said: "This is a great step forward for us. More than 11,000 people pile into Romford on Friday and Saturday nights, and it has a bad reputation for violence, which is sometimes unfair. "This is going to do something to redress that. The area has more nightclubs than anywhere outside the West End, so the problems with alcohol are inevitable to some extent. "This allows us to keep some kind of a lid on things and, with the massive regeneration of the town centre, we are hoping to turning things around even more." Local police chief superintendent Andrew Kay said: "The police are in full support of this scheme to help reduce disorder in the town centre. Offenders will be prosecuted if necessary."