Regent Inns has announced that it will limit happy hours and similar promotions, as part of its Charter for Responsible Price Promotions and Smoking Policy, published today. The company, which operates late-night venues including Walkabout and Jongleurs, also said that it would ban smoking at the bars in its outlets, to protect staff. All is venues will also include no smoking areas. Stephen Haupt, the company’s chief executive, said: "We have reviewed our pricing policies in light of the Government’s alcohol harm reduction strategy. "We have always adopted a responsible attitude towards serving alcohol in our venues and maintain that well-managed promotions are a wholly legitimate way of maintaining and developing business – to increase customer awareness of a product or boost trade during quieter periods. "However, our Charter identifies promotions that will be avoided as they carry with them a high risk of alcohol misuse and other anti-social behaviour." The company said that it would not operate entry fees linked with unlimited drinks, promote large quantities of free alcoholic drinks or link drinks promotions to unpredictable events, such as free drinks for 5 minutes after every England goal. Regent also said that it would not encourage speed drinking which could result from discount offers over very short sessions. Instead, all promotions will be compliant with the British Codes and Advertising Sales, The Portman Group Code and BBPA Guide on POS Promotions. There will be clear information on the alcoholic strength of any drink promoted in Regent venues and food and bar snacks will be available during all promotional campaigns. A ‘designated driver scheme’ where free soft drinks are offered to the driver of a party of three customers or more will be operated, and soft drinks will also be made cheaper. Any decision to run a pricing promotion will be made with local parties, including licensing officers residents.