Pub is the Hub has been found to be good for communities, businesses and local economies in a survey commissioned by the Prince Charles-backed rural pub regeneration scheme. Research group Ecorys surveyed 71 pubs that are or have been receiving assistance to diversify under Pub is the Hub, and also talked to 100 people who live near six existing Pub is the Hub schemes. The findings, included in the report Pub is The Hub: Evaluating the Impact of Initiatives 2011, include: • Over one half of licensees stated that their Pub is the Hub scheme had increased the number of customers to the pub. • 100% of respondents agreed that their local scheme is either “very important” or “important” to the community. • Over four fifths of respondents agreed that the scheme improved their access to a key service and helped overcome local deprivation issues. • Virtually all of the respondents believed that the scheme supported local suppliers and businesses. Licensees also frequently cited that they use a wide range of local suppliers to stock their scheme. Pub is the Hub chief executive John Longden said: “The findings will strengthen our work as we continue to engage with hard-working licensees and local communities and empower them to work together as well as take ownership of local issues. “We now also have hard evidence of how good pub schemes can provide wider strategic objectives at a local and national level. This will encourage us to continue to seek and leverage in-kind and financial support from a range of organisations and individuals and secure further new project investment with local and rural authorities and Government departments.”