The Great British weather permitting, moves to push outdoor dining will be a boost for the beleaguered eating and drinking out industry, UK Hospitality has said.

The government has revealed plans to allow more pubs, restaurants and cafes to be able to serve customers outdoors, including a simplification of the licensing process.

“Businesses will need all the help they can get to return to healthy trading and protecting jobs, so simplifying the licensing process and reducing red tape will be a great help,” said UK Hospitality CEO Kate Nicholls.

“Opening up outdoor spaces for venues could be a vital lifesaver and mean the difference between a successful reopening or business failures and job losses.

“The devil will be in the detail, so it is important that we get some clear guidance to ensure consistency of implementation across local authorities nationwide. These need to ensure minimal cost and notification rather than application.

“It has been encouraging to see some local authorities already considering how they can facilitate this. We hope that local authorities will jump at this chance to provide more space for venues as it will be hugely valuable in keeping businesses going and saving as many jobs as possible.”