The Massive Pub Company, which runs 40 pubs in and around London, has resigned from the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, claiming the organisation is supporting the government's licensing reform bill at the expense of the industry.

Peter Linacre, the boss of Massive which has 40 pubs in and around London, accused the ALMR of leading "a sleepwalk to disaster for the pub industry."

In a letter to the association's chief executive, Nick Bish, Linacre, who founded Massive in 1993, attacked the ALMR for supporting the current reform proposals. He wrote: "The most recent survey only goes to show how the constituency you are supposed to represent is overwhelmingly opposed to the type of reform you are prepared to agree to."

Linacre also wrote a letter to the Home Office official in charge of negotiations over the proposed Bill, Andrew Cunningham, with his objections to the current bill. The new law would mean that the company would pay £40,000 more a year because of licence renewal fees, Linacre said.

However, Nick Bish said many companies were panicking unnecessarily when the detail of the Bill has yet to be finalised. He said: " Fees and costs have not even been discussed yet. Many pub companies don't trust the government, and they are reacting to speculation which is being dressed up as fact.

"Rather than walking away from the process, they should be part of the process."