Manchester City’s ban from the European Champions League for breaching financial fair play rules could have a disastrous effect on eating and drinking out in Manchester, believes Sacha Lord, night time economy adviser for Greater Manchester.

The club has said it will appeal the ban “at the earliest opportunity” with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. But should the ban be upheld, Lord said bars and restaurants would take a big hit. 

”We just need to look at Liverpool’s run to the final last year, which brought £479m into the city - 4% of the region’s GVA - to understand the effects this decision could have,” he said.

“One in ten tourist visits to our region include a match, so the bars, restaurants, hotels and facilities that rely on football tourism in Manchester will undoubtedly feel the pressure. But it’s not only tourism that will take a hit, there will be a downturn in the number of local fans who typically fill our pubs to watch matches, celebrate on our streets and use our infrastructure to travel to and from games.”

Lord said he was working on contingency plans should the ban be upheld, saying he would be working “closely with my team to understand how we can counter the full impacts of the move and best support the businesses that could be affected.

“From implementing new opportunities that will draw additional tourism to the city, to working with the Etihad Stadium to continue to promote City Square as a destination on non-match days, there is much we can do to keep momentum.”