Artisan pizza concept Mamma Dough hopes to grow by one or two stores a year for the next five years, MCA has learnt.

Jake Harrison, co-founder of the three-strong independent group, said he was always looking for new sites, and hopes to keep up a steady, sustainable pace of expansion.

The South London based group opened its first branch in Honor Oak in 2014, with a branch in Brixton following in 2015, and a third in Peckham earlier this year.

Harrison, who started the business with William Moore after leaving a career in finance in the City said Peckham had been a quiet start, particularly with many of the student population away over the summer.

But he said they had yet to market the site, and were ensuring it was functioning well ahead of a publicity push.

Harrison said: “I would like to continue to go as we’ve been going and see where we are in three to five years’ time.

“It depends on the locations, but I would think one or two a year for the next few years is definitely doable. Then we will have to take stock.

“Our focus is on South East London at the moment. We do a lot of research on areas we want to move into, such as distance from train stations, schools, house prices, transport links.

“The best thing that happened recently was the release of the census date, which because it gives as a huge insight into what’s happening in the areas.”

Mamma Dough serves a core menu of sourdough pizzas, with Italian style salads and sides, such as burrata and cured meat.

It has recently started roasting its coffee, with craft beers brewed within a five-mile radius, and ginger ale made on site.

Harrison said growth had so far been organic and funded by him and business partner Moore, with both working full time in the business.