Licensing threat to gigsA report compiled by Glenfiddich has claimed that the number of gigs taking place in the UK could be halved to 2,250 per year if the venues are forced to close in November due to a lack of licence. Feargal Sharkey, chairman of the Live Music Forum, said: "Live music is, for the majority of us, a cherished part of our everyday lives and that's why we need all venues that have the capacity to put on live acts to apply for their licence. "I want to see more live music venues taking the opportunity to put on new bands - this is the lifeblood of our music industry." Carl Dalemo, Razorlight’s bassist, added: "I cannot stress enough the importance of the early gigs to our 'rise to fame'. "Apart from rehearsing almost every day up in Leyton, it was the first gigs in pubs, squats and small venues that made us become the band we are today."