An Irish pub owner in Hong Kong is facing prosecution after enforcing a voluntary smoking ban because customers are causing "obstruction to the pavement". The owner of the Dublin Jack had banned smoking to attract non-smoking customers, but he now faces prosecution from the government’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. After being lauded in Hong Kong newspaper editorials for the move, locals have not been so impressed. The FEHD has received seven complaints from locals about the presence of smokers and large wooden barrels used as ashtrays outside the pub. Bar owner Noel Smyth admitted that his "Kick Ash" policy may have to come to an end. "We are all for a smoke-free policy, but the government is not," Smyth said. Confusion has been added to the issue by the Health Welfare and Food Bureau, which has offered slimline litterbins with ashtrays built in to the bar to minimise the obstruction caused. It not yet clear if this will satisfy the FEHD.