The ALMR has welcomed the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s commitment to introducing the agent of change principle in London.

In a statement on Facebook, the Mayor confirmed he would introduce the principle in the next London Plan.

ALMR chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Mayor’s commitment to the agent of change principle is a very welcome step towards the protection of nightclubs and venues that are both integral economically and cherished socially.

“The ALMR has been pushing hard for this and have long argued that nightclubs, bars and other late-night music venues are an absolutely essential element of the UK’s wider music scene as well as fantastic drivers of growth in town and city centres.

“The ALMR will be liaising with the Mayor’s office to continue to push for protection for the capital’s late-night venues to allow late-night bars and venues to flourish.”

Announcing the policy, Khan wrote “I intend to protect venues like the Curzon Mayfair by introducing an ‘Agent Of Change’ rule into the next London Plan. Developers would be responsible for ensuring their new developments don’t threaten the future of existing venues.

“That would mean developers building flats near existing venues will need to ensure that residents are not unduly affected by sound from the venue, and that may include paying for soundproofing.

”I’m very pleased to hear that Westminster Council included this principle when the planning application was first submitted in 2013, and are taking the necessary steps to protect a cinema which makes a significant contribution to the character of the area and is a real cultural gem.”